Play School Fashion, Trend or Need?

Over the years, the level of education of children and the age of their schooling has also changed. Previously, where the child used to take the first step in school after 5 years, now the parents are sending him to the play school at a young age of one and a half years. After all, why are the parents doing this?

The changing trend has completely changed the material life. Well, in the desire to be the best, today parents along with themselves are trying to take their children to the forefront of the race. Behaviour, manner of talking, they are no longer waiting for school time to top the studies. At the age of one and a half, they are putting their child in play school. Due to the increasing fashion of play school, many parents, even after seeing others, start sending their child to play school. Is play school really good for kids? Come, let’s try to know.

Become social

Admission of children to the play school before school makes them social. There are many children, who hesitate to talk to outsiders. By going to play school, they come in contact with other children and teachers, which gradually removes their reluctance.

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Due to love and affection in the house, children become so accustomed to their things that they start crying or screaming just by touching someone else. Seeing many children playing with the same toy in play school, they develop a sense of understanding and sharing.

Help to go to school

By staying with parents for 3 years, the child becomes a habitual of parents and the family. In such a situation, when we go to drop child for the first time at the school gate, he does not want to leave you. He cries a lot when you go away. In such a situation, when the child starts staying away from you right away for a few hours, then he easily tolerates the matter of separation blue.

Quick Learner

By going to play school at an early age, the child’s learning tendency increases. After going to school, he gets easy to understand things.