About Us

Maria Montessori is one of the oldest MONTESSORI institutions which offers AUTHENTIC Montessori education in North-India which is affiliated by International Accreditation Organisation, USA. We are linked with many other Quality Standard organizations in Amsterdam, Netherlands and California which enables to proudly claim that we are one of the best standards of Montessori teaching. Maria Montessori was founded in 2003 by Mrs. Charu Kumar. Mrs. Charu Kumar have spent more than 20 years in the field of education and her experience diversifies in both of the type of teachings offered in India. Mrs. Charu Kumar still prefers the authentic Montessori education. We, at Maria Montessori offers Montessori environments that are peaceful, jolly places designed to meet the developmental needs of each child in everystage of life. These environments contain many places for children to learn and play, in many different ways: by themselves, in pairs, in small groups, in large groups, inside, outside, at tables, on the floor. This helps them to explore the new horizons of knowledge & creation. We have tie-ups with organizations which help us provide our children with foreign exchange offering them to understand the foreign culture, by interns encouraging them and helping them in their curiosities. These interns specially come from various countries to spend some time with students and teach them and tell them about the world, children should explore and most of all, share their own culture.

Our environments are designed to offer individualized learning and provide the necessary Montessori materials to help each student develop skills essential for these age groups. Each classroom offers the children experiences in the practical life, sensorial, language, math and cultural (geography, history, science, music and art) areas. The materials in these curriculum areas are self-correcting. This enables each child to gain greater confidence and perfection through his choice and repetition. Children gain a sense of independence as they take an active role in the Montessori environment.